Do you have a vehicle? You may have a title situation ....

Auto Title Situations Happen Call the Experts

Auto Title Situations Happen Call the Experts

Auto Title Situations Happen Call the Experts Auto Title Situations Happen Call the Experts Auto Title Situations Happen Call the Experts


WE PROCESS MOTOR VEHICLE TRANSACTIONS WITH PROPER AUTHORIZATIONS AND/OR POWER OF ATTORNEY and most importantly proper documents acceptable by the motor vehicle department. ** aats does not promise title issuance.under any circumstances

Our business began with a vision.

Accurate Auto Title Specialists dba Cindy Titles is a Colorado based vehicle title processing service created to assist any person or entity needing a vehicle title.

 We provide a unique opportunity for business entities, financial lenders and individuals to trust their processing needs to a professional team. With in-depth auto title knowledge, we can productively assist the public in establishing a title with minimal stress and hassle for reasonable compensation. Most importantly, most of our advisers and team members are State and/or County trained in auto title compliance.   


 We offer the following auto title processing services for, but not limited to: Auto Dealers, Credit Unions, Financial Institutions, and/or private parties:  

  • Cash or Financed Deals
  • Duplicate Titles
  • Dealer for Resale Titles
  • Bonded Motor Vehicle Titles
  • Title Auditing; eBay, Craigslist, Private party sales 
  • Lien Assignments 
  • Title issue and problem 
  • Assess office procedures to help create a more efficient running office 

Individual or group training


     You CHOOSE how we assist with your title processing needs!

The Owner - 20+ years of title processing knowledge and experience ~ The Company - 2008 - Present

My expertise began with the Denver County Motor Vehicle Department. Denver DMV provided me an auto title document auditing and processing foundation based on an understanding of statute and regulations of the State of Colorado Department of Revenue.  Being trained by experienced and seasoned Denver County Motor Vehicle Managers who were more than willing to share their world of knowledge aided in my conscience decision three years in to create a business assisting the public. I was with Denver County DMV for 7 years. The next step was a hands-on experience in a new car dealership for 16 months.  Luckily I started at the DMV and came in with a "basic' knowledge of titles!  Utmost respect to dealership title processors. You are amazing!
For 4 years I worked part-time with Weld County DMV  processing salvage titles and assisting the title clerks by  auditing  overflow of  customer documents

My vision becomes reality in August 2008 when Accurate Auto Title Specialists, LLC  aka Cindy Titles opens for business!! RENTAL CAR AGENCY - We assisted a  California based rental car agency from day one in starting up their Denver office.
Our  services included  but were not limited to the  following transactions: 

  • Temporary permit requests to the  county
  • Completed vin verifications
  • Audited, completed and submitted title documents with MSO's for leased and financed vehicles to the county for title and plate issuance 
  • Kept track of permit and title and plate transactions for each vehicle via our created spreadsheet

We processed approximately 2500 transactions to the county within three months.  
Trusting our knowledge and expertise we were invited to assist in locating and interviewing an in house title processor.
The title processor we suggested to them assisted our company in previous title transactions and had  County Motor  Vehicle experience resulting in our involvement in the negotiation of her salary. She stayed with this company for four-plus years.

  • We have assisted  and continue to assist  Colorado dealerships with their title processing needs to include but not limited to: Exclusive title processing all their titles
  • Title issues
  • Assisting their title clerk in "catching up" 
  • In-house training


  • 2014 - Present - We provide annual title classes for Members of CADA 


  • We provide assistance to auto loan refinance companies located in all 50 states. 


  • we provide assistance with individual title issues
  • bonding procedures
  • assigned vin procedures
  • work in salvage auction offices to catch up title overload from catastrophic losses.

INDIVIDUALSWe assist  individuals  with title issues from private party sales

"Every day I learn and/or meet someone new. I am grateful beyond words for the opportunity to receive and share information in this unique world of auto titles. Heartfelt  thank  you for trusting our knowledge and expertise"
~ Cindy Vieyra                                                        20